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Establish A Scholarship

Wellesley Scholarship Foundation's (WSF) goal is to award scholarships large enough to meet the demonstrated financial need for college-bound students from our community. Unrestricted gifts to our annual scholarships are the most highly sought after funding, giving WSF flexibility to direct aid where it's most needed.  


WSF also welcomes contributions to establish named or community scholarships.  These may be established under the following terms and at the following gift levels:

$50,000 or more
A minimum gift of $50,000, fully funded within three (3) years or fewer, qualifies a donor for a permanently named scholarship. 

$25,000 or more
A minimum gift of $25,000, fully funded within three (3) years or fewer, qualifies a donor for a term-limited named scholarship. The term of the award shall be determined by dividing the gift amount by $5,000 per year.

In Memoriam Gifts
In the case of In Memoriam gifts, where the total donation amount cannot be determined in advance, the term of the named scholarship shall be determined by WSF Trustees after considering the amount of gifts received and donor preferences.  In the case of gifts below the threshold amounts for named scholarships listed above, WSF Trustees may elect to recognize gifts in a manner they and the donor feel is appropriate at the Award Ceremony or in some other way.

Community Scholarships  
As a community service, WSF will process scholarships on behalf of civic organizations in Wellesley. To create a new community scholarship, the sponsoring group will commit to funding an annual, non-recurring award of at least $1,000. WSF will select the scholarship recipients in accordance with the sponsoring organization’s criteria, assuming that these are drafted broadly enough so that suitable candidates can be identified each year.

Named Scholarships and Community Scholarships are awarded annually at our Award Ceremony. Information about honorees is included in our program. Family members and friends are invited to attend and participate in the ceremony if desired.

To establish a new scholarship, WSF will ask that a gift instrument be executed. 

Please contact us with any inquiries.

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