Frequently Asked Questions

Applicant Eligibility

Is there a residency requirement for scholarship eligibility? 

Applicants for the two Merit Awards must be residents of Wellesley. Applicants for all other WSF scholarships must be either graduates of Wellesley High School, or Wellesley residents. Residency is determined by the address on the parent/guardian and/or student tax return. WSF reserves the right to request additional documentation to determine Wellesley residency.

What happens if my family moves out of Wellesley while I am attending college?
Except for recipients of the two Merit Awards, it does not matter if your family moves out of Wellesley while you are attending college. You will still be eligible for scholarship money. Merit Award winners whose families move out of Wellesley will no longer be eligible for scholarship money from Wellesley Scholarship Foundation during any future academic year.

I am planning to attend a two year college or technical school; can I still apply for scholarship?
Yes, you may attend a two year college or a technical school and still apply for a WSF scholarship as long as you are working towards a degree or certificate.

Are applications for graduate degrees considered?
No.  WSF awards assistance for undergraduate education or post-high school technical schools. 

Application Process

What information must I submit and by when?  
See our Awards & Eligibility page, along with the individual applications for more specific information.

When do I find out about scholarships?
The WSF Scholarship Committee will notify you as to whether you have been awarded a WSF scholarship by the end of May. 

If I qualify for a scholarship through WSF, how does this impact financial aid that I might receive from my prospective college?

Your award from WSF is determined after you receive your financial aid package from the college.

Privacy Concerns

I am concerned about the privacy of my financial information.  Can you tell me more about how many people review this information and how it is safeguarded?

All financial information is held in a strictly confidential manner. Financial applications are handled by a four-person committee and an administrator within WSF. Only these five individuals within the organization have access to the financial information of students and their families who apply for scholarships. The files are maintained for four years and then shredded after the student’s college graduation.

Expense Eligibility

Can the scholarships be used to defray room & board, book, or extracurricular expenses?
The scholarships administered by WSF are sent directly to the student’s educational institution and may be used to defray whatever expenses are billed through the school. WSF will not make payments directly to scholarship recipients, private landlords for housing purposes or any other non-school entities.

What about study abroad options?
WSF will send scholarship payments to U.S. colleges and universities only. WSF will consider study abroad opportunities for our scholarship recipients provided that appropriate documentation is received from the student’s home institution.

Is there a maximum number of semesters that WSF will help support?  
WSF will ordinarily support only four years of college expenses. If you believe that there are extenuating circumstances in your situation, you may ask the Chair of the Scholarship Committee for special consideration.


What must I submit to reapply for a scholarship and by when? 

An applicant must reapply by March 1st of every year with a complete application, transcript, CSS Profile, institutional financial aid letter and a copy of the first two pages of your parent(s)/guardian(s) tax returns.


What is the likelihood that I will qualify for a renewal of a scholarship?

A student must submit an application to WSF each year s/he wants to be considered for WSF scholarship funding. Assuming that financial need is determined to still exist and the student has maintained at least a 2.0 GPA, WSF will make its best effort to support the student until he or she graduates.