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Local Student Receives Wellesley Bank Charitable Foundation Scholarship

Nadia Eastman, a 2019 graduate of Wellesley High School, received the Wellesley Bank Charitable Foundation Award as part of its partnership with the Wellesley Scholarship Foundation.  Nadia will attend the University of Maine in the fall where she intends to major in business administration. The Wellesley Bank Charitable Foundation was formed by Wellesley Bank in 2011 to fund community organizations that positively impact lives in the communities that Wellesley Bank serves.  The Wellesley Bank has pledged $50,000 over 10 years to the Wellesley Scholarship Foundation to help students from Wellesley attend college.  These funds provide a named scholarship to a rising college freshman as well as additional support for students in their sophomore through senior years of college.  

Wellesley Bank CEO Tom Fontaine and Wellesley Bank Charitable Foundation president Maureen Sullivan present a college scholarship check for $5,000 to Wellesley Scholarship Foundation co-president Sarah Pedersen and congratulate its named 2019 recipient, Wellesley High School graduate Nadia Eastman.


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