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WSF Changes Lives

Young Female Student

"I want to thank you immensely for both your recognition of my commitment to academics and community service, and also for your financial support so that I may continue these efforts. I am sincerely grateful for your wonderful organization’s influential gift, and am honored to have been chosen."

Young Student

"We are very appreciative of the award and assure you that it has made all the difference to our family. We hope to expand our support as our resources permit. Thanks for all you do for the Wellesley community."

Young Woman with Short Hair

"I hope that one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me."

Student in college.jpg

"Receiving my award has strengthened my belief that I can make a difference in the world with hard work and effort. With your financial support, I plan on pursuing my dream career."

Happy young beautiful woman walking on t

"I know that I’ll have more choices and opportunities because of the education that you helped me get."

Young Man

"The generosity of your foundation means a lot to me. I know that not every town has an organization like yours. The work of people like you…is one of the things that makes Wellesley special…This award will inspire me to work my hardest."

Student with skateboard and backpack out

"I cannot express how important the assistance has been for me personally and my entire family. My parents, whose families were not able to send them to college so many years ago, feel so thankful to live in such a wonderful community."

Smiling Young Woman

"I’m motivated to make my family and the community that has supported me proud of my accomplishments. Thanks to the help and support of so many, I hope one day to give back in order to help another family such as ours.”

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